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What our teachers are saying:

"they send us such amazing wonderful students every day." Mrs. Keller

"they help make my job wonderful and a place I want to come to every day." Mrs. Ann

"we are so much more than a preschool, with parents help, we would like to change the world one small child at a time." Mrs. Sheila

"they share their most precious kiddos with us, and they trust us everyday." Mrs. Allen

"I am so lucky that the families are great and caring." Mrs. Brenda

"they have some sweet young ones." Ms. Dee

"they are so loving and kind, it is really amazing! " Mrs. Riley

"they share their sweet preciose children with us." Mrs. B

"I get the opportunity to serve their beautiful children." Mrs. Hiatte

"our families are the best in the world. They are kind, caring, loveing and our partners in education." Mrs.Lupher

"I am able to work, play and most of all pray with your child in aftercare." Ms. Margaret

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